gscale society model buildingsWelcome to our website. The idea is to provide Railway Lineside Buildings, Signal Boxes, Small Village items, Phone Boxes, Passenger Figures, Stone Walls and more, to help liven up our G Scale Model Garden Railways.

Penfro Models have run G Scale Model garden railways for many years and all the materials used in the manufacture of our products have been tested in the cold days, hot summer days, frosted up to 12% below outside- as you can see by some of the tested model photographs. The Garden railway Building models are manufactured intentionally to look weathered and old e.g. Who would want an early 17th -18th century Tudor building looking like a brand new block of G scale society model buildings20th century flats?!
If required, the model garden buildings can be made to give access to the interior and figures etc can be placed inside for real effect.

Models are made to suit Gauge 3 and "G" scale and are roughly approx 1/24th scale, maybe slightly less or more, but they look good on our railway. The site will be updated to from time to time with new products- Happy Modelling TedB!

G Scale Model Garden Railway specialist in West Wales.

signal box gauge3 penfromodelsCommission Work Undertaken read more
If you have your own ideal railway 'set up' idea and would like help bringing it to life, then contact me today to discuss it further.

Hornby "O" Gauge Restoration Service
If you have ANY damaged or broken Hornby railway wheels, new ones can be replaced- as supplied to members of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association. Simply send it to me and I send a new one back-